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“Remodeling FM for the Future”


Cassia Room. Level 3

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Date and Time

24 November, 2021 9.30 am to 5.30 pm

Registration Guideline:

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If you are using a handphone to scan the QR Code for access, on-screen scrolling is much easier.

Event Details

This Conference will focus on technologies that are going to drive digital transformation in the Real Estate and FM Sectors. These include 5G, Cloud and Edge Computing, IoT, Big Data, Immersive Extended Reality Technology, Blockchain Technology and Digital Twins that are disrupting the digital world. Covid-19 has already accelerated the digital transformation in just about every business. This will continue Post Covid. The Built Environment (BE) comprising Real Estate, Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) and FM sectors will not and cannot afford to be left out. The various presenters will explain how the convergence of these enabling technologies is going to power the deployment and application of a wide range of digital technologies and solutions in the BE sectors.