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Registration Procedure for Participation in APSR 2021
APSR 2021 uses the virtual event platform provided by ‘EventX’ for online registration.
The system uses the term ‘ticketing’ to refer to the entry privileges obtained through registration.

Please note:
• It is not possible to register several people or several types of participants at one time.
• The participation ticket will be issued digitally (by email) only.
• Payment of the registration fee can be made by credit card, VISA, AMEX, Union Pay and Master Card, only.
• If you wish to register a group of more than 10 people or to register by bank transfer,
please contact the Congress Secretariat Office ([email protected])

Cancellation Policy:
Registration fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.

- Let’s Register
Click on the ‘Continue’ button at the bottom of this page to move to the Ticketing page,
where you will choose your Ticket Type.

- STEP 1: Select your Ticket Type
Select your participation category, click on the pull-down box and select ‘1’.
As soon as you have selected ‘1’ in the pull-down box for your participation category,
the screen will automatically change and you will be taken to the next step "Form".

What are APSR Members
APSR members are en bloc members and individual members.
If you are a member of the following societies, then you might be a member of the APSR
If you are not sure about your APSR membership, please contact the society secretariat you belong to.

For residents of Japan and JRS members
Please select your type from the price range for locals.

How to Change your Ticket Type
If you wish to re-select a ticket, please close the screen you are working on and
go back to the APSR 2021 Congress official website,
then start again from the ‘Registration’ button.

- STEP 2: Complete the Form
Please complete all the required fields in English.
Fields marked with * are mandatory.
Please note that the required information regarding your participation in the APSR2021 Hybrid Congress
will be sent to the e-mail address you have entered in the form.
When you have completed all the required fields, click on the ‘Continue’ button to proceed
to the ‘Review Order’ confirmation screen.
If the ‘Continue’ button does not take you to the next screen, the form will show you the problem in red.
Please follow the instructions, and click on the ‘Continue’ button again.

Once you click on the ‘Continue’ button and the screen changes, you cannot go back to the previous pages.
If you need to re-select your ticket type or re-filling form, please close the screen you are working on and
go back to the APSR 2021 Congress official website, then start again from the ‘Registration’ button.

- STEP 3: Review your Order
The registration type and amount will be displayed.
If the information is correct, click the ‘Continue’ button to proceed to the payment site to
pay your participation fee.
In case of the information is incorrect, please close the screen you are working on and
go back to the APSR 2021 Congress official website, then start again from the ‘Registration’ button.
APSR 2021/EventX uses the Stripe online payment system for payment of the participation fee.
For undergraduate students (free participation), the registration is completed at this step.

- STEP 4: Credit Card Payment
Payment is accepted only by credit card. If you wish to pay by bank transfer,
please contact the Secretariat Office ([email protected]).
Payments are made via the Stripe online payment system and will appear as ‘EventX’ on your credit card statement.

- STEP 5: Confirmation E-Mails
Once you have successfully registered and made your credit card payment,
three confirmation emails will be sent to your registered email address as follows:
1) Receipt from EventX: A confirmation email from EventX/Stripe, the platform for this registration system.
2) Registration confirmation: A confirmation email from the APSR 2021 Secretariat confirming your registration.
3) Receipt from APSR 2021 Secretariat: A receipt for your payment of the registration fee.
Undergraduate students will receive a registration confirmation only.