DBS BusinessClass
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DBS BusinessClass SME & Startup Disrupt

Striving against all odds is probably a common sentiment of SMEs and startups this year. Join us at the DBS BusinessClass SME & Startup Disrupt for free, to get the new directions to tackle key challenges that SMEs and startups are facing today, from operation efficiency, business development, resources management to market competitiveness.

What’s more? Visit our virtual exhibitors and reach out to the participants and solutions providers. Online 1:1 chat, getting insights and exchanging e-business cards are now made possible to further maximize networking opportunities.

Other key highlights:

  • Gain practical insights for businesses from top-notch industry leaders
  • Meet and get connection with close to a hundred of industry associations, the most innovative exhibitors and companies
  • Tour 16 exhibition showcases where they present their latest solutions to tackle SMEs pain point
  • 70 the best value business jetso creating total value offer at HKD 1 million

1:1 financial consultation for your business with DBS relationship manager team